Average Customer Service Score: 9+/10

"I find you to be one of the most considerate, compassionate, and knowledge people I know. Your understanding of the things I don't get...You will always find the time, in what I know is an already busy schedule to address any and all my needs."

"BINGO! Nelsonworks does it again." (in reference to a completed project)

"...I didn't have to go through all the bull**** to get back on, and everything was there or almost instantly, so you're wonderful..."

"I go down these paths of technology and you simply figure it out. Wonderful! "

"If anyone can solve it, Pat can."

"Patricia is amazing. A super teacher and a delightful person."

"...is very responsive and follows through. Also very helpful with navigating systems. I would highly recommend."

"OMG - you made it so simple for me! I had an hour tutorial that I could easily understand!"

"Great feedback and direction geared to my particular needs. Quick turn-around and the right level of support."

"Highly Recommended!!! Admirable display and performance of professionalism!! Patient, superb listening skills and focused guidance rendered throughout the service call! Thank you for the stellar support!!!"

"She helped me and did her best to solve my issues. Also, I learned much from her about Facebook and the computer. I look forward to calling on NelsonWorks again."

"Great work, responsive, knowledgeable, timely."

"I highly recommend NelsonWorks. Pat was very patient with me and answered my questions and cleaned up my laptop so that it ran better. I am very pleased with the service that I received."

"I have known Pat of NelsonWorks since she organized the reunion of years of Prospect Heights alumni. I find her knowledge of the computer superior. Her patience with those who are might be considered novices at the 'in and outs' of technology is commendable. This is valuable to those who are trying to play catch particularly to those who are from the "old school" and are used to having a teacher in the room. I contend that without a teacher more than 50% of the education process is lost. You cannot get feedback from a computer disk."

"Obvious reasons: Innovative and Reliable"

"Patricia Nelson is a gem! She is patient, proficient and stays as long as you need her. She helped me set up everything I needed and worked with me until I was comfortable. Her fee is also extremely reasonable and she can also provide remote support. What more could anyone ask for?"

"Patient, informative, and so many way of resolving an issue or many issues .... she truly was an angel."